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Mamiya ZD Review (Digital Back)

Why get an old digital back when you could get a modern mirrorless medium format camera? I wrote a blog post about buying a Fujifilm GFX and selling it again last year. For me the GFX was designed for pixel peeper sharpness, lenses or sensor had not much pop to the images, they looked flat […]

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Contax 35mm SLR system (C/Y Mount)

Contax has been one of the hottest camera brands in analog film photography forever, the expensive point and shoot cameras and the even more expensive Contax 645 system have been hyped for years. But not many people mention the Contax 35mm SLR system, also know as the C/Y mount system. For me this is my […]

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Canon EOS R8 Review + thoughts on EOS R system

It finally seems to be going the right way for Canon again after being late to the mirrorless camera party, with only entry level Canon EF-M system cameras for many years, while Sony and even Fujifilm was dominating. But it seems like the Canon R lineup has become popular even though being late, at least […]

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Big CCD-Sensor Camera Test

Just like how the analog film trend was big over the last 5-10 years among photographers, “digicams” and CCD-sensors are now the new thing. Film has gotten more expensive so people are looking for alternatives, plus the 90’s is cool again meaning suddenly those early digital cameras we used to hate is back in demand. […]

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DxO Pure Raw 3

There is a new way to get the most out of your raw files and that is called DxO Pure Raw. It uses “AI” aka. machine learning to give you a more clean and more detailed interpretation of your raw file. There is a a free 30 day trial you can try, so I’m not […]

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