Fujifilm X cameras are all pretty small but which ones are the smallest? I found the 3 smallest options and made a comparison of them.

Fujifilm X70

The camera has a 18mm f2.8 fixed lens, with the x-trans 2 sensor, and is the smallest Fujifilm X with the aps-c x-trans camera of you can get. There is also the newer Fujifilm XF 10 camera with the same lens, but I personally don’t like it, because of the none x-trans sensor.


  • It’s so small, you can almost fit it in your jeans pocket.
  • And the small size make people less aware, for most people it’s gonna look like a point and shoot camera, not something that gives you attention.
  • Fast auto focus: It’s an old camera, so you won’t get Fujifilm X-T4 auto focus, but it’s faster than other x-trans 2 sensor cameras. I think because it was released as the last x-trans 2 camera it also got a lot of the newer features that was put into the x-pro2 released at the same time.
  • You can even use the video, it’s not as good as video from an X-T2 but it’s better than all other x-trans 2 cameras. I use PRO Neg STD fuji simulation for video, -2 color, -2 highlight, -2 shadow, -2 sharpness, giving something close to f-log.
  • X-trans 2 is an old sensor but it’s one of my favorite sensors. The Provia film simulation looks amazing on this sensor, very good for those summer photos, very beautiful colors.
  • The 18mm lens is great. I’m not a fan of the focal length, but when I look at the photos I take with this camera they have some kind of magic to them.
  • Flip screen that can turn up allowing you to take sweet selfies.
Shopping on a hot summer day in Copenhagen, shot with Fujifilm X70


  • It’s not cheap anymore: The camera is no longer in production and there are no newer X70 models ever released. It was not very popular at released (I think because it got released at the same time as the X-Pro2 which had the newer sensor), so there are not many of these cameras used out there. But today this camera has got a cult status in the Fujifilm community, if you are a hardcore Fujifilm fan you have to own this camera. All these things have made this cameras price go up and up.
  • X-trans 2 is an old sensor. It lacks in low light performance (x-trans 3 is great up to iso 6400, x-trans 2 is only good up to iso 3200). So together with the f2.8 this is not a night camera.
  • No EVF, so you can only use the screen which can be hard on a sunny day.

Should you get it? The question is does 18mm street photography fit your style? Personally it’s not my style, I like using longer focal length. But I own this camera just because I think it’s so awesome.

Fujifilm X100-series

This is one of my favorite cameras, the X100S was the first Fujifilm camera I got and why I felt in love with Fujifilm cameras. Today there are many variants to pick from (from oldest to newest): X100/X100S/X100T/X100F/X100V


  • There have been a lot of X100-series cameras released, so there are many options depending on your budget. If you don’t need the fast auto focus I recommend to go for a cheaper X100S or X100T. If you want something newer go for the X100F or X100V.
  • It’s small, small enough to put in your jacket pocket, but not small enough to put in your jeans pocket.
  • I like the lens 23mm is a great focal length, and f2.0 is great also for night time.
  • Build in ND-filter. Some how I really like this build in ND-filter, it gives a cool tint to the photos. It seem to also tone down highlights which I really like.
Nanjing train Station in China shot with Fujifilm X100T


  • It’s not as small as a X70, so it does pick up more attention. It’s almost as big as a X-T10/X-T20 with lens, but don’t offer the ability to change lenses. The question is do you need this camera if you already own another small Fujifilm X camera with interchangeable lenses? I’m not sure

Fujifilm X-M1

This camera not very know in the Fujifilm community, probably because it was released very early and quickly got overlooked by newer cameras with more features.


  • The smallest Fujifilm X camera with aps-c x-trans sensor and interchangeable lenses. I use the camera with my Fujifilm XF 35mm f2.0, which gives me a small camera with a tele lens.
  • Very cheap, I bought mine for 100 euro used. People have forgot about this camera.
  • With a small lens this can also just fit in a jacket pocket.
  • It’s very small, but still have room for a flipscreen. But no viewfinder.
  • The x-trans 1 sensor on this camera gives some beautiful colors. Recently brought it to a trip to Malta and compared to my X-T2 I love the colors more for those summer days.
Enjoying the sun in Valletta, Malta. Shot with the X-M1 + XF 18-55mm f2.8-4


  • Auto focus is not good. It uses the x-trans 1 sensor that only have contrast detect auto focus (I think x-trans 2 is the same as x-trans 1 but with phase detect auto focus). In day time it’s ok for still subjects, for night time it hunts a lot. The continuous auto focus is completely broken, doesn’t work at all, don’t even try it.
  • Probably get another camera that’s a bit bigger and a bit newer if you want a small interchangeable camera, like the Fujifilm X-10/X-T20. Personally for me this bad AF is a deal breaker, but i love the old sensor, so I keep an old X-T10 for those nostalgic moments.