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Analog Film Part 2: Canon EOS 650, Canon EOS 33V, Kodak Ektar + more

For me shooting analog film photography is something I do when I get tired of digital photography. I’ve written about my initial experience shooting film here (part 1) and this is part 2. First of all, here are some reasons why I like analog film photography and why you should maybe try it too: If done […]

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Fotodiox Rhinocam Review

Do you wan’t to get higher resolution than medium format with your normal aps-c or full frame camera? Fotodiox Rhinocam let’s you do just that for small money. With the Rhinocam you can adapt medium format lenses on your camera, you move your camera around on the adapter taking up to 8 photos, later you stitch […]

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Rådhuspladsen, Copenhage, with Mamiya M645 + 80mm f1.9

Analog Film Part 1: Mamiya 645, Pentax 6×7, Yashica Mat 124g, Pentax 645N, Cinestill and more

When I started out with photography a few years ago film photography was pretty much dead, but recently it’s been coming back big time. What got me interested was seeing night photos shot with Cinestill, a brand new film that gives a very cinematic look, something I just couldn’t reproduce in post processing. So I […]

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