About myself: I’m 33 years old, I’m danish, live in Copenhagen, have a lovely girlfriend, work as a freelance software developer, spend a lot of my free time on photography.

Why another blog: I wan’t to use this blog to share my nerdy experiences as a photographer. I know blogs are not the cool thing in 2017, but I often find them when I search for camera or lens details and it can be a great help. So for me they still have some relevancy.

What kind of photography: my goal is to have some interesting photos of our life today that people can look back at in the future and both find interesting and appreciate it’s technical quality. Street, event, cityscape, politcs, all kinds of stuff that matters to me and are relevant for my life.

What about the gear: I love the Fuji X series, the small size, the mechanical dials, the Fuji image look. I also have fun with old vintage gear, vintage lenses and playing with medium format film gear.

I have a lot of weird camera knowledge I want to share, so keep subscribed.