My name is Kristoffer Trolle. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. In my daily job I work as a software developer but in my free time I’m a photographer.

I try to capture the world I live in with photography, the people and the city. I appreciate the beauty in everyday life and also documenting how society looks at the current moment.

I always bring a camera with me and I generally believe that it’s more important to have a small camera with you than to bring the perfect gear. My favorite photos are those where I by accident happened to be at the right time with my camera.

They always say that “it’s not about the camera gear” but for me the gear gives me great inspiration. I tried most camera brand but always comes back to Fujifilm’s X camera system. I love it for the small size, the ergonomics and the image colors. It’s an emotional choice but so are many things in life.

Check out my photos and feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help with.

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Danish photographer in Copenhagen – Dansk fotograf i København. Photography. Cityscape.