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Shooting analog film Part 2 – Canon EOS film cameras, Kodak Ektar + more.

For me shooting analog film photography is something I do when I get tired of digital photography. I’ve written about my initial experience shooting film here (part 1) and this is part 2. First of all, here are some reasons why I like analog film photography and why you should maybe try it too: If done […]

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Bike photography in Copenhagen

One of my favorite photographers is the danish Franz-Michael S. Mellbin, not only is the guy an ambassador but he is also an excellent photographer that documents the bicycle culture in Copenhagen. There is something about his photos, close up shots of people biking often cough up in their own thoughts. I always wanted to do […]

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Fotodiox Rhinocam Review

Do you wan’t to get higher resolution than medium format with your normal aps-c or full frame camera? Fotodiox Rhinocam let’s you do just that for small money. With the Rhinocam you can adapt medium format lenses on your camera, you move your camera around on the adapter taking up to 8 photos, later you stitch […]

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Fringer’s Canon EF to Fujifilm X smart adapter

This is a short review of the Fringer Canon EF to Fujifilm X lens adapter, a so called smart adapter meaning it let’s you use auto focus with Canon lenses on your Fujifilm X camera. Smart adapter’s for Canon lenses have been available some time now for Sony cameras but this is the first for the […]

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Autumn in Christianshavn, Copenhagen, with the XF 56mm f1.2

Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 vs. Fujifilm XF 50mm f2.0

Yes the test have been done by many people, but this is a hard choice. Personally I couldn’t decide for a long time, after reading reviews and trying them both out. I preferred one, then changed opinion, then changed back again. Therefore here is another comparison of the two lenses. Size and stealth factor, XF 50mm […]

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Christianshavn at winter, Copenhagen with my Fuji X-100T

Welcome to my site

About myself: I’m 33 years old, I’m danish, live in Copenhagen, have a lovely girlfriend, work as a freelance software developer, spend a lot of my free time on photography. Why another blog: I wan’t to use this blog to share my nerdy experiences as a photographer. I know blogs are not the cool thing […]

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